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Logo animations can range from simple and subtle effects, to more complex and dynamic animations that involve intricate movements, transformations, or visual storytelling. The brands objectives, target audience, and desired tone or mood are some of the factors that influence the choice of animation style.
Logo Animation adds motion and visual effects to your logo. Adding movement, transitions, and other elements make a logo more engaging and captivating. It can be used to enhance a brand's identity, create a memorable visual impact, and communicate a brand message effectively.
Times more likely people will subscribe to brands' social media if they use animated logos.
Increase in brand awareness. Animated logos help consumers recall the brand more effectively.
Times higher conversion rates are achieved with videos that are featuring any logo animation.
Where you
could use
logo animation?
Use cases
If you're wondering where exactly you could use such videos, the answer is pretty simple: everywhere!
Animated logos can be placed in the header section of a website, creating a catchy element that gets visitors' attention. It adds a dynamic touch to the website and reinforces brand identity.
Animated logos can be incorporated into email signatures, making your email more visually appealing and memorable. It adds a touch of professionalism and leaves a lasting impression on recipients.
Animated logos can serve as profile photos or cover on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. This contributes to making brand presence on social media more dynamic and visually appealing.
Logo animations are commonly used in brand videos, such as brand identity videos, how-to videos, or product presentation videos. Through the incorporation of animated logos, brands can strengthen their visual identity and create a consistent brand experience.