Honestly, the best tool for explaining any concepts and ideas

Think of an explainer video as your helpful guide, breaking down complex information and presenting it in a way that's easy to digest. With the help of animation, you can bring your message to life in a creative, visually appealing way.
It's a tool that helps to bring ideas to life in a fun, engaging, and memorable way. It simplifies complex concepts, breaks down challenging ideas, and helps people understand your product or service. An explainer video will help you get your message across in an easy way.
Increase of conversions when using videos on landing pages.
Of marketers say they've converted a lead into a paying customer due to video on social media.
Times more likely video content drives organic search results than plain text.
Where you could use
explainer animation videos?
Use cases
If you're wondering where exactly you could use such videos, the answer is pretty simple: everywhere!
Have you considered using animation explainer videos on your website? It's a great way to make a connection with your visitors and keep them engaged. Studies show that having videos on your site can lead to a lower bounce rate and increased time spent browsing. On average, people spend 2-3 minutes longer on a website with videos. So, add some personality and human touch to your site with explainer videos!
Adding an animation explainer video to your emails can give them a real boost. People just love watching videos and that's why including one in your email can skyrocket your engagement rates. In fact, studies show that on average, click-through rates can jump up by a massive 300% and opt-outs can drop down by as much as 75%. So, if you want to make your emails stand out and leave a lasting impact, consider adding a fun and informative explainer video!
Video content can be very powerful on social media! Videos receive a whopping 12 times more engagement compared to other types of posts. Just look at Facebook, where video posts have 135% higher organic reach than photo posts. And on Twitter, video tweets receive 28% more engagement than photo tweets. It's clear that incorporating explainer videos into your social media strategy can make a big impact in terms of increasing engagement and spreading brand awareness.
Statistics show that incorporating animation explainer videos into advertising campaigns can be highly effective. Studies have found that including a pre-roll explainer video can boost viewer retention by a solid 43%. And if you use an explainer video in display advertising, you can expect to see a 41% increase in click-through rates. That's pretty impressive! So if you want to take your advertising game to the next level, consider adding explainer videos to your strategy.
The MakeTime browser extension has been created for people with a lack of attention, for those who are constantly distracted by the monotony of work. MakeTime reminds you of work and encourages you for each completed task. The task for Banano was rather difficult: we had to attract the attention of THOSE who CANNOT hold attention. And we did it :)

The company specializes in the transport of motorized vehicles since 2004. They import more than 30 containers per month from the whole world in the US and vice versa. Banano's task was to explain this concept to the client's customers.

A service offers trusted Facebook, Google Ads, and Twitter cloud accounts for profitable advertising campaigns all over the world. That's a helpful tool for advertisers. We needed to make a commercial, that not only promotes dont.farm, but also explains all the shallow waters in running Facebook ads and offers the solution to these problems.