Zmax Movers is a service that helps clients with moving by providing qualified and experienced movers.

Moving services are a large and active market segment in the US. In order to become popular in this field, it is necessary to inspire the trust of potential customers and show the company from an unusual side.

That's why we decided to use an uncommon 2D animation style.
Video advertising for the website with 2D animation has an interesting approach and is made in the contour style.

The goal is not just to tell about a specific type of service, but to create an expressive and memorable image of the company, influence the emotions of the viewer and form a positive image from the very beginning of the acquaintance with the brand.

To make an interesting animation that will establish an emotional connection with potential customers, video advertising must have thought-out storytelling. There must be a setup, a climax, and a resolution.
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As a result, the client has a pleasant humorous video that brings a smile, increases brand awareness, and builds a trusting relationship with the customer.

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