OpenWay offers a full range of payment services, including account management, card issuance, merchant acquiring, transaction switching, digital wallets, tokenization, and fleet cards. They use their software to help people pay in shops, taxis, restaurants, and hospitals.

We needed to make an expert, detailed and credible animation. At the same time, it also had to be beautiful and exciting, so viewers would be engaged.
We collected the main data that needs to be presented and then created vivid visual metaphors for them, polishing the whole work with visually pleasing textures and the author's music.

We used cases for different types of businesses when similar-looking enterprises with deep analytics showed completely different indicators. And the task of our studio was to choose the best way to turn them into easily readable images.

To create an animation about a complex product, we decided to use a lot of bright colors. We saturated the space with light and bright accents specifically to give a sense of lightness to what is happening and emphasize that our client's product makes it easier to work even in such a complex industry as financial analytics in the banking sector.
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We told about slightly boring things, and we told about them in strict infographics without characters and unnecessary decorations. But the candy textures and colors, combined with the light-filled space, took the pressure off.

That's really important when you explain difficult ideas.

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