MONTRANS is a run-time fleet management service. It is used for tracking vehicles and driver's activity, preventing misuse of transport, improving driving safety, and controlling fuel consumption.

Banano's task was to create an animation full of infographics in accordance with the unique client's style. The goal was to increase brand awareness.
Visual consistency is very important. It will be much easier for any message to be perceived if the viewer finds out something, that they have already "seen something like this" before. There will be less mistrust in that case.

We defined general principles in the client's visual approach, color schemes, the pace of presentation, etc. And then implied everything in these infographics to create a credible and visually consistent animation.

That's, actually, a very common technique, which we use in most of our projects. And, in this case, we needed to be really careful and considerate, just to make sure that the client's expectations and goals were fulfilled.
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As a result, these infographics easily fit into the MONTRANS visual row. Thus, increasing the recognition of not only one product, but the entire company.

According to client's statistics, their brand awareness increased by 54%.

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