The MakeTime browser extension has been created for people with a lack of attention, for those who are constantly distracted by the monotony of work. MakeTime reminds you of work and encourages you for each completed task.

The task for Banano was rather difficult: we had to attract the attention of THOSE who CANNOT hold attention.

The main question is HOW to do it?
We talked with the client about their observations and read some literature on this topic.

What data did we get as a result:

- The video should be bright and attractive, but not excessively;
- The storyline needs to be clear;
- The picture cannot be kept permanently in one location. The video should be constantly changing so that you want to follow it all the time.

Animation always assumes something like that, but for MakeTime we decided to not only switch the location of infographics and effects but also constantly change the angles of movement. BUT create a unified background and color scheme.

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As a result, we created an effective and targeted commercial, which increased extension downloads by 80%.

Can't wait to do the same thing for you! :)

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