The application Ergonza is designed to create the best possible psychological climate in the team. It grows the team's engagement level and helps to be in line with the company's mission.

Our task was to show Ergonza's vision of employees in any company. That they are individuals with a complex social structure.

People for Ergonza are still people, not resources
So we decided to make our main character with many features that allow him to be remembered by the viewer and even give the opportunity to form some ideas about his personality character.

Since this advertising is still aimed at a very wide audience, we did not overdo it with details, while maintaining the universality of the image.

The isometric style, which we used in this animation, is a great way of storytelling by first creating the big picture and then highlighting the main character.
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As a result, we received a vivid presentation of Ergonza's approach to personnel management.

To achieve this effect, we made the video in an isometric style, using artistic techniques for working with characters.

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