Enface Pay allows you to use a selfie as a password for your data. This product unites a single development platform for biometric identification, secure storage of personal data, and processing payments based on the blockchain.

The task is to create an attractive explanatory presentation of the product, which will be broadcast at the exhibition without sound.
Though we normally associate high-tech technologies with neon colors and flickering projections, we decided to use simple 2D characters.

It is important to take into account the psychology of the consumer to whom the product is directed. In this case, they are the most ordinary people. New technologies, for all their attractiveness, scare them with their complexity. And when it comes to the storage of funds and access to personal data, the tension especially increases.

So 2D animation turns out to be extremely beneficial. Its simple and clean lines and bright warm colors themselves give a feeling of calm and security. And the actions shown with the help of 2D animation look simple and easy to use.
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As a result, the client receives a product of the quality they expected. Accurate and on time. And, what is more important, this animation fulfills the client's goals completely, explains their business, and increases brand awareness.

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