Easy Import Auto is an American Corporation based in Miami (FL), which specializes in the transport of motorized vehicles since 2004. They import more than 30 containers per month from the whole world in the US and vice versa.

Banano's task was to explain this concept to the client's customers.
Our client emphasized that for the average American resident, the search system and the delivery of a car across a couple of continents seem too complicated, and the video infographic should just give the most transparent idea of the entire system.

We needed to make the animation so the viewer will fully understand, how and why it is more profitable to buy his car in Japan, and not in a dealership in his neighborhood.

A good option to show the WHOLE WORLD and the journey of a car through it easily and naturally, is an isometric video infographic. It does not have a "horizon" and thus shows objects in volume and naturalness, but at the same time very, very easily and close.
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The first animation scene of each project goes through a serious internal review within our studio, and then we send it to the client for approval. Thus, we always manage to maintain the high quality of the product, and our video infographics always turn out exactly the way our customers wanted to see them.

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