A service offers trusted Facebook, Google Ads, and Twitter cloud accounts for profitable advertising campaigns all over the world. That's a helpful tool for advertisers.

We needed to make a commercial, that not only promotes, but also explains all the shallow waters in running Facebook ads and offers the solution to these problems.
In the images of the paintball table, we were able to show the entire process of launching and operating Facebook bots, which can both disperse ads to supersonic speeds and send them to oblivion, if they don't like something.

We have shown all the actions and processes that are hidden behind the verification of accounts.

We have achieved the clarity of the metaphors, and also showed the uniqueness of the offer. In addition, we showed their competencies in the field of arbitration.
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This commercial with arbitration training on Facebook has become a useful video for users. And since it tells and shows how Facebook bots work exactly, users and future clients actively sent this video to each other. This increased brand awareness and amount of new active users.

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