CodeSignal is a technical interview and assessment platform operated by the American company BrainFights, Inc.

CodeSignal can help to evaluate technical ability quickly and accurately, automate job interviews, find top talent, reduce bias in recruiting and increase speed to hiring.

The company wanted Banano to raise its brand awareness and promote its blog post about its own top 10 universities for software engineering.
In order to be catchy and be remembered by your audience, it is important to be consistent. It can be done by using the same font, colors, and approach over and over again. That's why, for example, we mostly used blue and yellow: these are CodeSignal's basic colors.

That animation was created for a post on LinkedIn, so we needed to make a video that will be a perfect match for the text in that post. We warmed up the client's audience with the contradictory statement and made them click on the link in the post.
Stop Motion Animation, Mechanical Animation
Zoetrope Animation, Cut-out Animation
As a result, we made a clickbait animation that gathered a lot of views and increased client's website sessions by 72%

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