AURA is an engineering and technology company offering practical solutions based on its own drone platform.

Thanks to their endurance and takeoff weight of hundreds of kilograms, AURA100 drones are a unique product on the market. Becoming a progressive solution for areas such as logistics, agriculture, geophysics, and many others.

Our task was to present the customer's service and tell more about their drones.
We needed to show in one minute all the features of the drones, their carrying capacity, ease of delivery even to hard-to-reach areas, and, most importantly, a large flight area.

We also needed to reconstruct a sense of Dubai in our animation, as Aura's headquarter is located in that city. That's why we decided to use these colors and these textures. They remind me of sun-bleached crystal clear skyscrapers with transparent blue pools.

Although the city itself, which is built in the form and over which drones fly, is not like that, we strived for its universality. But the textures and lighting inside the locations refer us precisely to the technological image of modern Dubai. And of course, to the laboratory conditions for creating advanced microelectronics involved in the assembly of drones.
3D Animation, Typography Animation
Motion Graphics, Flipbook Animation
As a result, we managed to create animation, so the viewer immediately understands what it is about and questions arise only about the cost and speed of delivery of the drones.

By the way, this animation is even used in negotiations.

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