CryptoWorkPlace is a blockchain-based cybersecurity system, including a Micro-PC, providing various secure D-Apps & robots of smart contracts.

We needed to provide a detailed and demonstrative description of the system's work.

And the best way to present a complex technology of work, which needs to be explained clearly - is infographics.
We figured out how this system works and learned everything about the niche of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Banano's task is to fit complex information into a compressed length of the animation. So it's more about showing than telling.

Speaking about modern developments in the field of information technology, it is impossible to abandon the image of the "digital space". Therefore, we take as a basis the idea of building infographics inside a 3D world built in neon colors on a dark background.

corporate video service, 3d animation production
Traditional Animation, 2D Animation
Result: the project is completely ready for presentation. Visualization draws attention. Detailed infographics allow you to get all the necessary information even with the sound turned off.

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